Believing food is our best medicine, I have been on a quest to find affordable organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables. A garden would be the best option, but as someone who can’t get seeds to sprout and with a yard that gets lot of shade, it just doesn’t work. I know the photo may indicate otherwise, but we live in the northeast and the growing season also is pretty short. My answer has been to rely on either a CSA or co-op which in turn has been both a blessing and challenge. Not having a lot of control over what we are going to receive has exposed my husband and me to vegetables we probably never would have tried – mustard greens have turned out to be of our favorites. Receiving a bounty of food in a single delivery also means quickly finding ways to put it to good use. As a result, I have discovered many new recipes and even come up with a few of my own. This blog is where I get share what I have found.


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