An Answer for that Leftover Celery

CeleryIt’s always a problem, you buy a bunch of celery because you want a little crunch in a dish you’re making, perhaps some chicken salad, and then you are left with the rest of it until it rots in your fridge. Two of my chief goals in joining a co-op were to try new dishes and to avoid throwing away or composting food. I wanted to use what I received, so when I got a bunch a celery last week I started thinking. I did not want to make celery soup as the husband says he hates it and that would end up being wasted. Nothing was coming to mind when one night as I got into bed, I thought “braised celery.” Don’t ever recall having heard of seen of such a dish but I thought, what the hey, I’ll do an Internet search and see what I find. Lo and behold, the Food Network had a recipe, Braised Celery. To make the recipe a little lighter, I used olive oil instead of butter and low sodium, organic chicken stock instead of beef stock.

I have to be honest, I was a little afraid of tasting this. Really did not think I would like it but it’s really, really good and with a great texture too. Would highly recommend using up your leftover celery for this one.


About Kathleen

Believing that food is our best medicine, I am constantly searching out better food, organic, non-GMO. Unable to get seeds to spouts after decades of trying and lacking the sun you really need for a garden in our lake community home, I have come to rely on either a CSA or co-op to provide me with healthy ingredients. It’s both been both a blessing and a challenge. My husband and I have been exposed to and come to love vegetables we probably never would have tried. One of our favorites now is mustard greens. But receiving a bounty of food once or every other week also means coming up with recipes and ideas for turning it all into something healthy and tasty. This blog is where I am sharing what I have learned.
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